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Health Professionals Council

As a leader in the wellness industry, Biometics proudly established the Health Professionals Council–a team of distinguished doctors, award winning scientists and renowned wellness experts.

The Health Professionals Council assists in advancing the field of nutritional science, ensures Biometics nutritional supplements are of the highest quality and safety, and educates customers on proper health. Members of the council also inform distributors on product usage through health news updates and seminars at events.

Members of the council range in field from family practitioners to psychiatrists and all share a love and respect of the products in our line. Every member of the Health Professionals Council is a volunteer to the elite committee and stands as a source of knowledge and support to the Biometics corporate office and distributors throughout the country.

Health Professionals Council

  Deirdre Batch, M.D.


Dr. Deirdre Batch, a Harvard Graduate specializing in Gynecology and Weight Management, serves as a Biometics Health Professionals Council member.

Because of the liquid nature of the Biometics products, high absorption rate, and high standard of quality, Biometics has become an integral part of Dr. Batch’s recommendations for supplementation for clients, family and friends. Biometics provides an effective means for her patients to reach their goals and maintain proper nutrition.

"When dieting, many people begin by cutting back on the amount of food consumed. Because of this, I recommend that they begin supplementation to provide the necessary nutrients lacking in their diet,” she said. "The results I'm seeing with patients have been incredible. I'm a firm believer."

Health Professionals Council

  Donna Billmeyer, Ph.D.


Dr. Donna Billmeyer graduated from the University of California at Berkeley in 1960 and earned a Ph.D. from the Donsbach University School of Nutrition in 1984. For 10 years she worked as Head Nutritionist for various physicians, psychiatrists, and chiropractors in California. Currently, Dr. Billmeyer teaches classes demystifying the "Body-Mind Connection" and sees clients, individually, in her home office.

"After 10 years of using the Biometics nutritional supplements, I am convinced of their immense value in balancing the body chemistry," said Dr. Billmeyer. "Over the years I have seen the products work time and time again. The physical body actually needs, wants, and uses the biologically available food factors that are the premier ingredients in the products. Biometics products are the pinnacle of the best of science and the best of nature."

Health Professionals Council

  Peter Ferket, Ph.D.


Dr. Peter Ferket has been a member of the Health Professionals Council since 2001 and actively provides beneficial nutritional information.

Dr. Ferket’s professional life has been devoted to research and extension in the nutrition field. He has a strong background in nutrition and has conducted numerous research projects on a variety of nutritional topics. His findings have been published in over 50 journals and 60 popular press publications.

Dr. Ferket has a Ph.D. in Animal Nutrition from Iowa State University and is currently a professor of nutrition for the Department of Agricultural and Life Sciences at North Carolina State University. Dr. Ferket is also a faculty member at the Institution of Nutrition at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill.

Health Professionals Council

  Warren Friedman, R. Ph.


Warren Friedman, R.Ph., has been a Pharmacist in Cleveland, Ohio for over 28 years. He graduated in 1976 from the University of Toledo with a B.S. degree in Pharmacy. Warren and his wife, Geri, own and operate a successful medical pharmacy.

Warren was introduced to Biometics by friends. He was overweight and lacked energy to get through his hectic days as a pharmacist. Compelling testimonials he heard from constant Biometics product users convinced him to give them a try.

To his delight, Warren lost 16 pounds in two months. He also has more energy now than ever. Despite daily contact with illness, Warren has only had one cold and no bouts of flu since he started taking the products nine years ago.

As a charter member of the Biometics Health Professionals Council, Warren is committed to enriching the lives of others. "With my background, I am elated to be able to help distributors throughout the country bring healthy changes to their lives."

Health Professionals Council

  Dennis Kramer, N.D., H.T.


Dennis Kramer is a naturopathic doctor in Santa Fe, New Mexico. He provides a variety of natural healing modalities and nutritional supplements for individuals, chiropractors, and medical doctors nationwide.

Dennis completed his undergraduate education with degrees in psychology, speech pathology and business administration. He later completed an extensive pre-med science program and graduated with honors from the Clayton College of Natural Healing with a Naturopathic Doctorate.

Dennis is a firm believer in Biometics. His use of the products has provided years of personal and professional satisfaction.

Health Professionals Council

  Nicholas Sheffer, D.C.


Dr. Nicholas Sheffer graduated from Palmer, the first chiropractic college, and has been practicing as a chiropractor for 20 years. He is also a board eligible doctor of acupuncture. In addition, Dr. Sheffer is pursuing a masters degree in nutrition, has made numerous appearances on television and radio, and ran his own television and radio shows.

As an established doctor in his field, Dr. Sheffer continues to look for new ways for his patients to improve their health. By educating his patients about the benefits of proper nutrition, he is creating a positive approach to good health that will help his patients for the rest of their lives.

Health Professionals Council

  M. Russell Thomas, Ph.D.

Dr. M. Russell Thomas is a licensed psychologist with over 20 years of experience. He now works at Wake County Human Services in Raleigh, North Carolina as a team leader of multidisciplinary professionals delivering mental health services to approximately 400 patients with severe and persistent mental illnesses. Dr. Thomas has also maintained a private practice for the last 18 years. Dr. Thomas is a father of six and enjoys spending time with his wife, Karen, and their family.
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